2023 Porsche 911 GTS Cabriolet America, MG Cyberster EV, and 2024 Honda Prologue

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Ford responds after ridiculous dealer F-150 lightning price markups come to light (update)

After we reported on the F-150 Lightning listed dealers with some thick markup, Ford contacted us and informed us that they had reached the dealership listed in the article. For example, all advertised lightnings were either adjusted to MSRP, or lowered, when “Mannequin” or Demonstrator models should not have been advertised in the first place.

2023 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet unveiled at US $ 184,920

Exclusive to the US market, the new special edition 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet has reached customers and will start at just $ 185,000. The GTS Cabriolet America gets some notable standard additions, including a Sport Exhaust, Sport Chrono package, and a bold exterior finish inspired by the original 1953 356 America Roadstar. To see the color scheme, the 911 Azure is painted blue, the windshield frame is painted black, and the wheel is a white RS spider design in contrast to the game. There are also decals in white with the guards red accents that read ‘America’ and many more of those red touches in the cabin.

The MG Cyberstar EV production design leaked, looking quite promising

The patented image gave us the first look at the MG Cyberster concept, a brand new and affordable electric roadster with a sports car at its heart. While it must have been tended from the radical concept presented at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, the production car looks well-proportioned and can serve as a great antidote to the SUV-obsessed marketplace we see today.

Geico has instructed its customers to pay মহিল 5.2M to an STD contracted woman in a car

Auto insurance company Geico was ordered to pay মহিল 5.2 million to a woman who was insured by a Hyundai company after she caught HPV from one of her customers. The verdict has not yet been finalized, but it has already been upheld by the Missouri Court of Appeal. The plaintiff stated that he was injured in a company vehicle and that the person from whom he received the STDT did not disclose the infection to him before having sex in the vehicle.

2024 Honda Prologue: Here’s what we know about GM Ultium-based electric SUVs

While the battery is by no means a trailblazer for electric vehicles, Honda’s first EV to be offered in the North American market will be the Prologue SUV. The proposal will be based on General Motors’ Altium platform and will capture many elements from the initial sketch released earlier this year. However, the glasshouse will be more family-friendly, while the car promises to honor Honda’s reputation for build quality.

Thanks to solar panels, $ 263,000 light years can go up to seven months in 0 charges

A Dutch startup has promised to deliver a car that can go seven months without recharge. This is because Lightair (has nothing to do with lightning) has covered the car with solar panels. According to their estimates, this means – in one of the best cases in sunny countries – 0 could theoretically produce enough juice to hold itself in charge for more than half a year.

Jidu Robo-01 EV is coming in 2023 with Level 4 autonomy and ট্যাগ 30k price tag

Chinese company Jidu Robo-01 has unveiled a car that, when it reaches production size, will be manufactured by Jelly. Aims to bring Level-4 autonomy to roads with production models for release next year. The model will cost around ¥ 200,000 which is roughly 30,000, making it relatively inexpensive for the technology it carries.

And what news making

Google has suspended the engineer after claiming its AI was sensitive

Google has suspended an engineer for allegedly violating privacy protocols, claiming that an AI chatbot has gained traction. The Verge reports that the engineer, Blake Lemoin, who was on leave, shared a document on whether AI was sensitive. Lemoin then shared some of his results in the medium.

Microsoft shows new Forza gameplay

Forza Motorsport has finally been shown and given a Spring 2023 release date. The realistic driving simulator was previewed in the Xbox-Bethesda showcase, which promises immersion enhancement, advanced physics and vehicle destruction, and a complete day-night cycle.

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