2024 Fischer Pier Teaser, McLaren Sena XPL Triunfo Absolute, and Suzuki Vision

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Rising 500% lithium prices could prevent EVs from becoming cheaper, clearing the air

Although the race to make EVs cheaper has been going on for some time, the rising cost of lithium, an important component of EV batteries, means that the dream of a more affordable EV is far from what we thought it would be. The price of the mineral has risen nearly 500 percent, thanks to low investment in new supplies and a reduction in existing supplies due to the war in Ukraine.

Fischer CEO Pierre teases electric crossover, hopes to show prototype ahead of schedule

Henry Fisker, CEO of Fisker Inc., took to Instagram to publish a new photo of the brand’s upcoming affordable EV, PEAR. The crossover is expected to arrive in 2024 and will be priced below 29,900. Fischer claims they have already received 1,500 reserves.

A single tribute to McLaren Senna XP El Triunfo Absoluto Senna for winning the Mexican Grand Prix

Making the exclusive more exclusive, the McLaren Army XP L Tribunfo has been solely commissioned by McLaren Beverly Hills. Built by McLaren Special Operations (MSO), the car is designed to celebrate Ayrton Senna’s victory at the 1989 Formula One Mexican Grand Prix. The exterior color scheme pays homage to the race, with other special touches, including MSO Bespoke Gloss Visual Carbon Fiber, an MSO Bespoke Electroform Front Badge, and Anniversary White Center Locking Wheel Nut. Probably the most standout feature, though found in the podium’s Airton Senna airbrush art, is found on the carbon fiber seal plate.

The average age of vehicles on U.S. roads has risen to an all-time high of 12.2 years amid supply shortages

Supply shortages are probably the main reason behind the 12.2 increase in the average age of vehicles on US roads. Not only is this the fifth consecutive increase in the average age of the car, it also represents an all-time high in the US. This could be good news for mechanics, although mileage returns to pre-epidemic levels and consumers are either buying used or hanging their existing vehicles for long periods of time.

The Nissan Z Safety car is a perfect choice for Japan’s Super GT series

The new Nissan Z has been announced as the preferred safety car for the 2022 season of Japan’s Super GT series. Based on the production-spec car, the Z will naturally be equipped with LED lights on the front and back and a fitting roof bar so that no one misses it. But with the exception of a pair of carbon-fiber bucket seats with racing harnesses, Nissan did not mention any mechanical upgrades.

Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo concept a roadster with a hybrid Hayabusa engine

To bring the latest Vision Gran Turismo concept to the world of PlayStation 4 and 5 games, Suzuki has come up with the ability to make some attractive cars with its motorcycle skills. Inspired by Capuccino, the Suzuki Vision GT is powered by a Hayabusa-powered 1,340cc four-cylinder petrol engine mounted on the back of the cabin, working together with a trio of electric motors – two front and one rear. The output is 426 hp (318 kW / 432 PS) and a healthy 610 Nm (450 lb-ft) of torque, just 970 kg.

And what news making

McLaren remembers the army

McLaren has announced that they will pay tribute to the legendary Ayrton soldier with a permanent motif in their Formula 1 car hello. This comes after Williams made the controversial decision last year to drop the long-standing tradition of displaying logos on his vehicles.

Tag Heuer brings Monaco back to “Dark Lord”

In honor of this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix, Tag Heuer is bringing back one of their favorite variations on the Monaco choreography. As the nickname “Dark Lord”, there is a PVD-coated case made from Grade 2 titanium, with a caliber Heuer 02 automatic navigation.

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