526 Cu-In Hemi Ford Maverick So fast that it closes its own door

Most of us have seen someone describe a car as so fast that it blew up the car door in the next lane. But a drag-prepaid Ford Maverick from Texas blew his own door so fast.

The footage comes from drag-obsessed 1320 videos The YouTube channel and it was shot on the Yellow Belly Strip in Dallas, Texas, one of the oldest drag strips in the United States, founded in 1955.

Yellow also has a 1950s-like attitude to visitor safety. The stands are not only unusually close to the side of the track, but participants are also allowed to stand inch by inch behind the launching vehicle, where the other strips ensure that you are kept away from the action behind the barrier.

There are some beautiful wild appliances 1320Its a film, though they should have been rebranded 660 For this episode, since the Yellow Strip is an eighth-mile (660 ft / 201 m) track, not a full quarter mile. However, it still has enough space for cars to reach some critical speeds, which means that when the 526 Q-in (8.6-liter) hemi-engine allows the Ford Maverick to go through the door, it is sent 90 degrees to the road.

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Incredibly, the Maverick is not the only car that travels so fast that it closes its own doors. Earlier in the video, at the 5 minute 25 second mark, a Fox-bodied Mustang also lost its driver’s door, just as it crossed the finish line in pursuit of a radically-modified fourth-generation Pontiac Firebird. More surprisingly, the organizers of the event … are happy to let the Mustang carry another strip with a new door made of duct tape.

According to Stripe’s website, the Yellow Belly may have traced its origins back to the early 1950s, when children in the Grand Prairie area competed with their hot rods on the dry bed of the Trinity River. Then in 1955 a philanthropic local millionaire who owned the land created a drag strip on the site to give racers a place to play where the police could not disturb them.

It’s great to see the site continue to grow, even after nearly 70 years, but we can’t help but choose a few more of the world’s current millionaires to be so generous to the car community.

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