7-Eleven has made a special Ford Mustang and you can win it

The 7-Eleven has teamed up with Galpin Auto Sports to create a very special Ford Mustang that will be delivered to a customer in the chain.

Based on the 2021 Ford Mustang and known as the ‘Model 711’, the muscle car has got a unique wrapper bathed in the iconic 7-Eleven colors of white, green, orange and red. It is also equipped with a set of after-market green wheels and has an owl in place of the original Mustang badge, created as a compliment to the popular 7-Eleven as a popular “after-dark snack spot”.

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Galpin Auto Sports has made some changes to the interior of the Mustang. For starters, the seats are leather-lined with red, orange and green sunset stripes, while there is also a shifter designed to mimic the shape of a slurry. The Model 711 also has a pizza snack holder that sits right next to a cup holder that has been customized for the 7-Eleven’s Big Galp drink or snack.

The Peace D Resistance in the car cabin is a special air freshener designed to bring a lovely scent of 7-Eleven coffee inside.

Marissa Jarrat, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of 7-Eleven, said: “We know our customers have a fondness for car culture, so it’s not a matter of worrying about creating one-of-a-kind cars inspired by our most iconic product.” In a statement. “We had hundreds of thousands of fans of the 7-Eleven and customers approached the voting of customization components for the Model 711 – and now a lucky customer still has a chance to win these incredible wheels. We can’t wait to see where they go and the many # CarsOf7Eleven pictures they’ll take. “

7-Eleven customers can win special Ford Mustangs by purchasing selected products including 7Rewards, Speedy Rewards, or the 7NOW Delivery app, including Red Bull, Butterfinger, Doritos, pizza, taquitos, Slurpee drinks and more. Fans can also enter through social media.

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