A complete collection of important AMC muscle cars is up for auction

AMC has built some extreme and attractive muscle cars during its short but screaming existence and now a group of those cars is ready for auction. All the best AMC cars including Hornet, AMX, Javelin and Hearst SC / Rambler are presented. Someone even has a Gremlin super stock race.

Mecum’s Indy 2022 event has a total of 17 very unique AMC models for sale. The models are all part of “The AMC Collection” and will run through the auction block from May 13 to May 21.

The oldest car available is the 1968 Javlin ‘Bonneville Speed ​​Spectacular’ and a patron of what the rest of the collection looks like. AMC has decided to market its muscle cars with the promise of speed and this javelin is one of the three built to show that power.

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The odometer currently shows only 22 miles and 19 of them were in the Bonneville Salt Flats where it set a record speed of 161.733 miles (260.284 km / h) in the hands of Craig Bradlaugh. This may be the most valuable set. Of course, this will be quickly followed by cars like the 1969 Hearst SC / Rambler pair.

Each of these V8-powered muscle cars produces approximately 315 hp (234 kW) and transmits to the rear wheels via a four-speed manual transmission. Mekum called the pair “some of the most notable muscle cars for wearing the AMC badge.” We think the title goes back to the 1970’s Rebel Machine. Although it has the same engine as the Hurst SC / Rambler, it produces a 340 hp (253 kW), a highwater mark for the AMC. To achieve this, AMC increased compression but did not stop there because it installed a heavy-duty cooling system and power disc brakes. It even has air conditioning to keep passengers cool.

Probably the coolest and weirdest of the 1972 Gremlin super stocks. A Gremlin X’s larger V8 and rear-wheel drive are also available, but this super stock version demonstrates just how wild this hot hatchback can be in a racing application.

Beneath the hood is a custom 354 CI V8 with JE pistons, Mickey Thompson aluminum rods and more. On the back, the Firestone 500 racing slicks do their best to reduce power. This is the wild car that AMC aspires to. See the complete collection here.

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