Apple wants to buy Struggling Canoe for engineering talent

After Canoo itself warned investors that it was running low on funding in its earnings report last week, rumors have now surfaced that Arkansas EV startups could be suitable for selection by Apple, which has been hunting down automated talent in recent months.

Bloomberg reports that Apple could acquire a startup struggling to provide talent to its own car crew. Citing a person close to the matter, the news outlet claimed that the California technology company was not particularly interested in the underlying technology of Kanu, but its engineers.

Cano employs people skilled in the interior, exterior, software, drivetrain, battery technology and other components of the vehicle. All of this could be extremely helpful for Apple, which seeks to build a fully-fledged autonomous vehicle before the end of the decade.

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Apple iCar / Josh Byrnes’s Artist rendering of Carscoops

In fact, Canoo’s team could be particularly interesting, as people working on the Apple Car project told Bloomberg that some of their own designs resemble lifestyle cars, which Canoo aims to launch by the end of 2022.

The two companies have discussed before, discussing everything from investing in 2020 to acquisitions The two companies are also likely to work well together, as one of Apple’s top executives in charge of the car project, Ulrich Cranz, was formerly CEO of Canoo.

If Apple bought the canoe, it would be consistent with its historical practice. In 2019, the company bought for its autonomous vehicle efficiency, and in recent months it has hired several people in the automotive world, including companies such as Ford, Rivian, BMW, Mercedes, Waymo and elsewhere.

For Kanu, meanwhile, which recently sued one of its investors and said it would fight to make as many vehicles as it wants this year, the acquisition could be an interesting option. Unfortunately, the company’s problems mean that some of its talents are already gone, which means time is of the essence for both parties.

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