BMW could make its future EV in Mexico

BMW is ready to build several electric cars at its assembly plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

The facility opened in 2019 and is currently producing 2-series and 3-series. It has the capacity to build 175,000 vehicles annually, although it was operating at only 39 percent last year. Although the German automaker itself has not confirmed any possible EV plans for the site, unnamed sources claim that it will handle production of the next-generation electric 3-Series and iX3 SUV starting in 2027.

BMW has previously said it would build a crossover on the Mexican site, but did not say which, Auto News Comments.

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“Mexico will play a key role in our overall setup,” BMW Group chief executive Oliver Gypsy said in April. “At some point, you will see X models because the market demand is so high. That’s all I can say now. “

If the Mexican plant actually starts production of both the electric 3-Series and iX3 in 2027, it could become the company’s first dedicated electric vehicle manufacturing center.

The upcoming Electric 3-Series will be one of many models underpinned by BMW’s upcoming Neue Klasse electric car architecture. The platform will focus on the premium midsize segment and will be a cornerstone of BMW’s goal of selling 2 million electric cars by 2025 and half the new cars from EVs by 2030.

BMW has a lot of confidence in the Neue Klasse platform. In fact, Zipse recently stated that the brand is aiming for 30 percent cost savings due to its use of cylindrical cells and is using new battery chemistry and cell formats to increase power output. Neue Klasse-based models are expected to be as profitable as the company’s ICE car.

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