Check your eyes on this fast and furiously tuned JDM Nissan 370Z

The Nissan 370Z may be more than a decade old but in our eyes, it still makes quite an impression on the streets for its dramatic design. This special 370Z is currently for sale Yahoo auction In Japan, of course, there are more.

Since the list is in Japanese, it’s hard to know if the changes to the 370Z are off-the-shelf or custom-made for the car. Whatever the case may be, there is certainly nothing wrong with this Nissan from anyone else.

Looking at the front, you will undoubtedly notice that the 370Z is an aftermarket bumper with an extended front splitter that dramatically affects the overall look of the car. The owner also tinted the headlights and screwed on the set of florid wheel arches on both the front and rear. These fenders not only give the car a bold new look but also allow fitting of the 18-inch enlarged wheel set installed with lots of camber.

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Turn backwards and it is impossible to ignore the upper wing of the swan-neck style. The rear bumper has also been customized and has a new exhaust system.

The list includes only a single image of the interior so that it shows a bright blue racing seat sitting in the standard space. The list does not mention any engine changes that could be edited.

An important piece of information that is easy to translate, however, is the fact that 370Z has driven 142,600 km (88,607 miles) and at the time of writing, the bidding was sitting at 413,000 Japanese Yen, equivalent to the current rate of $ 3,168.

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