Clive Sutton’s 847 HP Mustang CS85R is the antidote to the Shelby GT500 in the UK

Ford is not offering the Shelby GT500 in the UK, but luxury car dealer Clive Sutton is offering a significant alternative. The UK-tuned right-hand-drive CS850GT was unveiled in 2021, with the same-specific CS850R track-focused CS85R later this year. Both models unlock supercharged V8 to 847 hp (632 kW / 859 PS), a tweaked chassis and an aggressive carbon-fiber bodykit, supercar-level performance from the muscle car.

The CS850R is improving the CS850GT recipe following customer feedback and is more suitable for track driving. The “R” has a new Ford performance T2-R torsion differential with a shorter final drive gear ratio (3.55 to 3.37) and a new suspension system with upgraded anti-roll bar instead of Pro Active Shock, Linear Springs and Stock Magnuride units.

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Beneath the bonnet is a heavily redesigned 5.0-liter V8 with a whiplash supercharger, intercooler and a quad-active Xforce exhaust. The power output has almost doubled to an impressive 847 hp (632 kW / 859 PS), with a gigantic 902 Nm (665 lb-ft) of torque transmitted to the rear axle via a six-speed manual gearbox. Note that the Shelby GT500 produces 760 hp (567 kW / 770 PS) and 847 Nm (625 lb-ft) of torque from its supercharged 5.2-liter Predator V8.

The redesigned bodykit made of carbon fiber is inspired by the GT500 but looks even more aggressive. It includes a new front bumper with a larger intake, a vented bonnet, side inlets in the front fender, side seal extensions, an optional rear wing, a more prominent rear diffuser housing quad exhaust pipes and a 20-inch wheel set. By Vossen. The Mustang also gets an LED lighting unit, which includes a color-adjustable tri-bar headlight. Finally, it can be personalized with dual racing stripes and race red brake calipers that match the red accents inside the re-upholstered cabin featuring Nappa Leather and Alcantara.

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The CS850R starts at 121,000 ($ 147,939) in the UK, although this number could be even higher if you choose some optional extras. Still, there aren’t many right-hand-driven vehicles that offer such power within that price range.

Browsing through Clive Sutton’s inventory we found an imported Shelby GT500 for £ 125,000 ($ 152,857) and a CS850GT listed for £ 115,000 ($ 140,628). If you were in the UK, would you choose a more powerful tuned RHD Mustang or deal with stock LHD Shelby?


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