Dacia’s new symbol and visual identity has been applied to the entire lineup

A year ago, Dacia unveiled its new symbol and brand identity, and today it has incorporated them into its entire lineup, keeping its promise. Thus, Spring, Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Jagar and Duster gain new “DC” symbols on their grills, along with modified letters, colors and accents.

The update is not considered a facelift, but it does affect the design of the vehicle, consistent with the recently updated communication materials and graphics and color of the dealer network.

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The new Dacia Link symbol has a symmetrical design for the letters “D” and “C” that looks like a chain and replaces the old shield. It is mounted in the middle of the grill, with horizontal lines on each side. They are painted white instead of plain chrome and are not as bright as the 2021 Dacia Bigster concept. The new symbol will also be available in wheel hubs.

For the steering wheel and tailgate, these features are Dacia lettering, while the model names on the back now look like stickers. All models for the family look are now available in photo dusty gray shades. Additionally, the Sandero Stepway and Duster roof rails, skid plates and mirror caps benefit from a monolithic gray finish, which further enhances their adventurous look. The company highlighted the fact that it has not been using animal-derived skin inside vehicles for several years.

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Mentioned by David Durand, Dacia Design Director, the new logo symbolizes the brand’s focus on a return to the basics where the new logo “evokes simplicity and perseverance”.

Orders for the refreshed Dacia range will open June 16 Delivery is expected in the fourth quarter of the year after the full range’s public debut at the Mondial de Paris in October 2022. The company also announced that from 2023, all Dacia models will have a limited maximum speed of 180 km / h (112 mph), in line with Renault Group’s current policy.

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