Despite ambitious electrification plans in Europe, Jeep’s EV future in the United States

Jeep plans to stop selling non-electric vehicles in most European markets by the end of this year. In contrast, in the United States, its largest and most important market, the plan is considerably less clear.

The off-road brand plans to sell only hybrids in Europe in the near future and plans a small electric crossover for the market soon. In the United States, however, progress has been slow despite the success of the brand’s 4xe models. This does not mean that America has no vision for its electric future.

“Our vision is that you will be able to trail the Rubicon and have another 100 miles to get to a charging station at the end of the Rubicon,” Christian Munier, CEO of Jeep, told Automotive News. “We need to be able to do it, and I think we can do it with a BEV.”

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Already, the brand has used the Grand Cherokee TrailHawk 4xe to tackle 22-mile road power alone, proving that the Jeep alone has the technology to off-road with battery power. Now just going there and going home has to solve the problem.

And Munier, who is concerned about the power grid in the United States, could not escape the reality that Stellantis plans to force Jeep to electrify Jeep soon to make up half of its sales in North America for Evi. The CEO is not sure if the region can support today.

The Biden administration has promised to move the United States toward electric vehicles, although the problem of access to charging stations will be resolved to a certain extent. That uncertainty doesn’t mean the brand isn’t preparing itself for the future.

The shift to electric vehicles is “happening really fast with our approach to zero emissions freedom, which is really our guide policy for the brand,” Meunier said this month. “We are now in the midst of a major transformation that will shape our brand in the next 20 years.”

This transition will be slower here than in Europe.

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