Despite selling only PHEV and EV, BYD is the second best-selling car manufacturer in China.

BYD reported a significant spike in sales, so much so that the company was among the top three Chinese carmakers in May.

Data released by the China Passenger Car Association reveals that BYD sold 113,768 vehicles in May. It ranks second in retail in China, with FAW-Volkswagen selling 150,009 per month.

What makes BYD’s sales statistics particularly important is that it no longer produces passenger cars powered solely by internal combustion engines. This means that all vehicles sold in May are either plug-in hybrid or fully electric. So it’s a little surprising that it’s responsible for two of the top three best-selling new power models in China last month.

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BYD’s May sales represented a 159.5 percent year-over-year increase from May last year, while FAW-Volkswagen’s sales fell 10.6 percent. As of May, Gili was the third-best-selling carmaker in China with 73,315 sales, down 14.5 percent.

Across the broader Chinese market, sales of passenger cars fell 11.8 percent in May compared to a year earlier, but sales of new energy vehicles rose 91.2 percent. BYD was the best-selling brand for new energy vehicles, followed by Wuling Motors, a joint venture with GM, and Tesla.

In early May, it was revealed that BYD sold 397,420 vehicles in the first four months of the year, an increase of 166 percent over the first four months of 2021. Its plug-in hybrid and electric car sales grew 388 percent over the period.

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