Electric vehicle registrations increase in the United States, accounting for 4.6%

New battery-electric vehicle registrations in the United States increased in the first quarter of the year, now accounting for 4.6 percent of EVs in the light vehicle market.

Data firm Experian reports that 158,689 EVs were registered in the United States for the first quarter of Automotive News. Tesla is estimated to be responsible for 113,882 of these registrations, representing a 59 percent increase over the same period last year.

Kia ranks second among brands with 8,450 EVs registered, primarily thanks to the EV6 launch as well as the growing demand for Nero EVs. Ford also enjoyed a successful quarter for EV registration, securing 7,407 of them, a 91 percent increase over the first quarter of 2021, and an 80 percent increase in Mustang Mach-E registrations. The first 54 F-150 Lightnings were also registered this quarter.

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Hyundai also saw an increase in EVs registration, reaching 6,954 in the first quarter of 2021, compared to 2,072 in the previous quarter. The Ioniq 5 accounted for the lion’s share of the 6,265 registrations, while the Ioniq 5 had 14 electric shutdowns, as well as 685 Kona Electric models. Auto News Report

Nissan and VW registrations also increased, with 4,401 instances of previously sold Leaf and 2,926 registrations of Volkswagen ID4 reported, a significant increase from 387 reported 12 months ago.

Surprisingly, this was not good news for the Chevrolet Bolt. Due to an ongoing battery issue and a major recall, registrations fell just 479 this quarter from 9,099 a year earlier. Other EV players such as Polyester, Rivian and Lucid Motors had registrations of 2,384, 701 and 308 respectively.

It must be noted that the registration data does not accurately track sales data and some statistics rely on estimates, especially since Tesla does not break sales by market.

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