Flex is opening its first store outside of Japan in San Diego offering modern Toyota

Flex Ventures, creator of the attractive restoration that goes back in time rather than forward, will open its first dealership in the U.S. set to open in the winter of 2022, the San Diego, California dealership will be the company’s first dealership outside of Japan.

“Based on the demand, now is the right time to make this debut in the US market, and San Diego is the right place for us to take this step,” said Yohei Nakamura. “Using a bespoke concept, customers can use Flex’s online simulator to customize their vehicles for a truly, one-of-a-kind driving experience, which we’ve cured and improved.”

The Flex San Diego dealership will debut with two popular cars and a brand new model. The 106 and Wonder, both based on the Toyota Land Cruiser, will be available when the door opens, and the company is currently working on a modified version of the Toyota Tacoma. Its first pickup truck will be launched at a new dealership in Tacoma San Diego and will be sold exclusively in the United States.

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Those who can’t wait until this winter before creating their own Flex Venture Ristomode can use the company’s online configurator (Japanese version), which can be used for both 106 and Wonder.

Flex Ventures has created a niche for itself as a modifier for Toyota cars. The building, which can only be described as a reverse restoration, the company started with vehicles (usually from the 80’s and 90’s) and instead of looking new, they look older. It achieves this by adding retro bodywork that makes them look like cars designed in the 60’s. Inside, too, the vehicles are changed to look old.

Founded in 1967, Flex Ventures is based in Tokyo and now operates more than 50 dealerships around Japan.

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