Florida couple make Nissan crash in FedEx truck ‘road head’ mistake

Earlier this week, a black Nissan Rogue first hit the head on a FedEx delivery vehicle in Ft. While Lauderdale, Florida and it alone are not very interesting, what the Nissan occupiers had at that time makes this story interesting.

Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue officials who were present at the scene claimed that the female passenger in the SUV was having oral sex with the male driver at the time. Apparently, the driver got confused and forgot to drive, turned to oncoming traffic and hit the FedEx truck directly.

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Authorities say the Nissan driver was injured in the crash, AhemTwo people in a FedEx truck were also slightly injured in the groin area, ABC Local 10 States

The damage to both vehicles seems to be quite extensive. The front end of the black SUV was smashed by a FedEx van and images show that it was driven away from the scene. Similarly, the front of the FedEx van was badly damaged and its airbags were shut off in the crash.

It was an unfortunate incident for everyone involved, especially for the man who was pictured lying on the ground with his pants around his ankles and surrounded by law enforcement officers. Although the injuries will get better over time, it may take longer for the couple to recover from the embarrassment.

Ironically, students from the University of South Dakota have unveiled a study Hydroponic Revealed that 33 percent of male students and 9 percent of female students engaged in sexual activity while driving Many of the respondents admitted that they had moved out of their alleys because of these actions.


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