Ford Beats Tesla, the first F-150 Lightning to deliver to customers who pre-ordered

Although Ford officially announced its electric pickup after Tesla showed off its Cybertrack, the Detroit Automaker has now delivered its first production model before Tesla even started building its trucks.

Ford officially delivered its first F-150 Lightning to Nicholas Schmidt on Thursday, Bloomberg reported. The first example is now Standish, Michigan, a town of less than 1,500 inhabitants called home.

Schmidt is the chief technology officer of a grid optimization startup and will abandon his standard F-150 to make room on its driveway for F-150 lightning, finished in silver to match his family’s Airstream trailer. And Schmidt said that while it’s a watery moment for Ford, he’ll just treat his truck like a truck.

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“We live in the woods, and I’m looking at a corn field next to me here that was planted,” he said. “We’ll cut wood and carry things back and forth, as well as pull a trailer.”

Although Schmidt is not an old school pickup driver. The CTO already owns a Tesla Model 3 and has a deposit to CyberTrack

“No one could believe it because it was the ugliest thing they’ve ever seen,” he said. “But it was 100 and I thought, you know, what could be worse?”

Despite Tesla’s initial confidence in the truck, three years after the announcement and delivery date has not yet been set. This has given manufacturers like Ford and others the opportunity to regain some EV market share.

“When I bought Tesla a few years ago, my family was really nervous, as a farmer, not just buying it,” Schmidt said. “So when the pickup trucks were coming out that were going to be EVs, I said, ‘Whichever comes first, I’ll buy it.'”

Ford will no doubt expect more customers to feel the same way about the importance of the pickup segment on its bottom line and its commitment to electrification.

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