Ford dealers add 50% markup to F-150 Lightning despite CEO’s condemnation

Another day and another dealer is marking a product on the moon. This time it’s the new Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum which should start at around $ 91,000. Instead, a seller decides to try to get some rich buyers to reduce 145,309. That dealer is not alone.

First seen by a Twitter user named @DHHMarBio, a screengrab shows that the markup is about 50 percent higher than MSRP. The dealer in question, DCH Ford of Thousand Oaks in Westlake Village, California, seems to have markup on all types of vehicles except pickups.

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Another dealer in Napa, California makes his markup clearer. Listed for 133,854, this 2022 F-150 Platinum window sticker has a quick link for anyone to see. Its MSRP is only $ 93,854. That’s a markup of $ 40,000, or almost enough cash to buy that truck and a Mustang Mach-E from the same dealer. Of course, Mach-E has its own 10,000 mark up.

This is a widespread problem between different brands and dealerships across the country. A few days ago we reported to a Chevrolet dealer that the new Z06 seems to be marking by 100,000. The funny thing about this story with Ford is that its CEO Jim Farley himself has condemned the practice.

In February, we reported on how he told Fox Business that only 10 percent of the brand’s dealers were charging more than MSRP. “We have a very good knowledge of who they are and their future product allocation will be directly affected,” Farley commented.

That article further illustrates how important it is for brands like Ford, Chevrolet and Stellantis to meet consumer expectations by selling at or near MSRP.

While not a perfect direct comparison to the Revian R1T F-150 Lightning, buyers who wish to go with the Upstart EV brand may completely forget the markups for Revian’s direct-to-consumer sales model.

At least for the time being, dealers seem to be trying to snatch away every extra penny they get. If that means ignoring the brand’s CEO and continuing to do exactly what he or she condemned, they seem to be comfortable with it.

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