Ford’s phone’s A-A-Key feature will not be available to F-150 Lightning owners

Yesterday we reported a newly discovered security vulnerability initially associated with Tesla vehicles. As we mentioned, vulnerabilities can affect other cars that use Bluetooth technology. Now, a new report says that Ford has decided to retain the Bluetooth feature on its phone from the F-150 Lightning until later this year.

Originally posted on, multiple documents sent to dealers revealed indications of a delay in the function that was initially promised to work on the F-150 Lightning. In the first picture, we see a long statement that makes it clear that the feature is still coming but will not be available until the end of the summer of 2022.

“This feature is not currently enabled, and customers will not have the option to set up a phone-a-key when delivering a car. No repairs should be attempted at this time. To ensure that vehicles can receive OTA software updates, customers should make sure their vehicle connection settings are turned on. ”

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Another document indicates that this change will affect all F-150 Lightning built with the Phone-A-Key feature option from April 11 to the end of June. It also requires owners to sign a document acknowledging that the feature will not work during distribution, but is scheduled to be enabled later this year.

Those who have reservations for the F-150 Lightning may be able to confirm the change via their MyFord mobile app. Multiple online users posted a message on the app stating that “the key phone is coming soon and will be available through the Ford PowerUp software update in late summer 2022.”

During this time, Lightning owners will be provided with two main fobs which is a change in itself. When chip shortages took over the industry, many manufacturers, including Ford, began supplying vehicles with a single key as opposed to two.

Of course, having a feature like PaaK may negate the need for an extra key to some extent, but it is less than perfect. In the same forum many users complained about its inconsistency and lack of effectiveness. Hopefully, an update later this year will address some of those issues and take care of any vulnerabilities that the platform may face.

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