GM wants to re-enter the European market with EVs

Europe is one of the largest automotive markets in the world, and electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. General Motors may have left Europe several years ago (bar with some limited offers) but it wants a share of the pie and is ready to re-enter the market as an all-electric brand, according to company CEO Mary Barr.

GM plans to become a full-fledged electric brand by 2035, and Barra wants to use the opportunity to re-enter the European market after leaving it 5 years ago, as he explained in an interview with the Detroit Free Press.

“About five years ago, we sold our Opel business to Stalantis now, and we have no regrets from the internal combustion business,” Bara said. “But we are seeing growth now because we can re-enter Europe as an all-EV player. I’m waiting for that. “

GM was in Europe for almost 90 years when it sold Opel and Vauxhall in 2017 for 2.2 billion. Sales of the two brands allow ordinary motors to focus on building vehicles for North America and China, as well as freeing up money for development. Electric vehicles. Both Vauxhall and Opel have been losing money for 16 consecutive years.

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“It was a difficult decision for General Motors,” Bara said in 2017. “But we are united in our belief that this is right.”

In addition to destroying nonprofit brands, the exodus from Europe also had long-term effects that are now being realized in the aftermath of the epidemic. With almost no presence on the continent, GM automakers are free from the problems they face there, such as high gas prices, conflicts in Ukraine, and expensive raw materials.

Although the Detroit group no longer manufactures vehicles in Europe, the Corvette and some Cadillac models are not yet fully out of the market, although they remain a special choice.

Although Barra GM declined to specify a timeline or what electric vehicles it could offer to return to the European market, if it went ahead with the plan, it would only mean doing so with more mainstream products that would be more attractive to customers, e.g. Electric Cadillac SUV.

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