Here are all the quirks and features of the ‘ridiculous’ 682 hp Cadillac

The 2023 Cadillac Escalade V is a truly awesome SUV because of its 682-hp supercharged V8 but much more. During a deeper tour of the car, Doug Dimuro shows off some of the more obscure features and gives us some insight into its overall value proposition. What he brings is not as sure about betting as you might think.

On paper, Escalade V has no questions. It literally has every major aspect that a luxurious full-size SUV buyer can ask for, from power to technology. It produces more power than the CT5-V Blackwing, has three full-size rows, and can even go hands-free on the highway thanks to the Super Cruise.

That’s not where cool things end though. The DeMuro features some SUV technology such as stealth mode for exhaust which calms things down so as not to disturb small animals or children. Also, the key fob color will match the brake caliper you choose in the end. He even displayed excellent augmented reality gauge clusters with his turn-by-turn directions.

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Despite all these great highlights, the Escalade V may not be as special as it may seem externally. Significantly, the V has nothing more to offer than the Platinum Trim, which starts at $ 105,840. For example, the interior is almost identical, with several V-badges scattered.

The worst part is that many interiors don’t really look or feel so luxurious. Of course, the huge infotainment and driver info display is great but the switchgear itself could come out of a bolt and we didn’t know the difference. Clearly, Cadillac knows where to cut corners and where not to.

Dimuro noted that the automaker told him that about 60 percent of Escalade buyers do not cross-shop other performance SUVs. This means there is no need to offer more because people will want the best-of-the-line model even if they pay around $ 50,000 more to get the most powerful version with the same features.

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