Here’s your chance to own a historic 1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI prototype

It’s been a while since Mitsubishi made an attractive vehicle, but the memory of the Lancer evolution is still fresh in the minds of many. The Evo VI is one of only seven pre-prototype vehicles built for the Japanese press in early 1999 and is now up for auction. It even comes with extra parts that Mitsubishi no longer makes.

The car has an interesting history because it was part of a group of prototypes that were never registered on the road. At the time, Japanese authorities gave Mitsubishi a two-week grace period for testing, on the condition that they would never be offered for sale to the Japanese public.

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According to the list, of the seven prototypes, four were returned to Rallyart for being a Rally Car, one was stolen and never seen again, the other two were sold to “Mitsubishi Rallyart” on condition that they leave the country immediately and be given unregistered status. Don’t touch the Japanese road. “

Originally purchased in 1999 for just 2,200 miles on an odometer, this Evo VI is now as shy as the watch at just 84,000. This means that the new owner should have no problem using it without risking its price.

Rare as it is to have high miles in a car, it is clear from its history that it has been taken care of. In 2014, the cylinder head was rebuilt. Then in 2018, the owner also saw the Brembo brake caliper and the differential pump rebuilt. Even the original OZ racing wheels were renewed.

The only major defect of the car is rust. According to CarAndClassic’s list, it has rusted not only on the rear chassis rail, but also on the front panel and trunk floor. No need to worry, though, OEM rail and a front panel have already been acquired and will be included in the sale.

It is noteworthy that, as the list goes on, these parts are no longer available from Mitsubishi, so their inclusion is the only way to restore this masterpiece to its former glory. That glory includes the famous 4G63T engine under the hood and the AWD system that was heavily influenced by Rally Racing.

The only change in the car is an upgraded stereo in the cabin. The interior itself is as primitive as the work of the body. This Evo VI looks a lot like a time capsule, even if the body’s underbody can cause rust problems to recover.

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