Honda Startup Introduces Streamo Three-Wheel E-Scooter with Stabilizer Tech

E-scooters are entering the market through a new subsidiary called Honda Striemo. The startup plans to sell an electric three-wheel scooter that is stable at speeds comparable to walking or cycling.

According to Yotari Mori, CEO of the newly formed company, both the company and its first product are called Strimo, and the scooter is a little more complex than the two-wheeled model.

“We’ve created the Strimo so that we can create a mode of transportation that allows everyone to move around normally just as everyone goes out after their shoes,” said Mori. “A new dynamic has been created using Honda’s knowledge of ‘human research’ cultivated through motorcycle development.”

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Weighing 44 pounds (20 kg), it can go up to 18.6 miles (30 km) on a single charge. Although its real party piece is stabilization technology. Strimo claims that it is very difficult to fall off the scooter because of its ability to calculate the center of gravity balance between 0.0039-inches (0.1 mm). This allows the three-wheeled micromobility to stabilize the car under the rider no matter how fast or slow it is moving.

It also simplifies the turning mechanism. To turn, riders have to lean to the corner, not like a mountain skier. This not only allows it to stabilize at high speeds but also allows it to rotate very fast at low speeds.

Striemo customers will be offered 260,000 yen (current exchange rate $ 1,939 USD), Nikkei Asia reports, and the company is taking pre-orders for a limited 300-unit run. It plans to launch the scooter in Japan this year and in Europe in 2023 Honda has joined the ranks of the latest automakers, BMW and Polestar, to offer a “micromobility solution”.

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