Is Cain the spiritual successor of 959? Somehow Porsche thinks so

The autonomous Internet sometimes confronts us with an unanswered question that seems to be designed to create controversy rather than consensus. Rarely, though, does it pose that question to an automaker.

Last week, Porsche posted a press release celebrating Cain’s 20th birthday and raised a pretty interesting question. Is Cain the spiritual successor of 959? At first glance, this may seem like a shameless attempt at revisionist history, designed to distract from the groundwork, the financial incentives that inspired Cain. But that doesn’t mean you have to make a strong argument.

When Porsche was building the 959, the remittance was to build a car capable of dealing with N ডাকrburging in addition to the Dakar assembly. It managed to give the automaker a height-adjustable chassis and an extra low-range first gear for off-road work.

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Cain also had to travel to two worlds. As an SUV launched in 2002, it was still expected to be able to handle off-road driving situations. As a Porsche, though, it also had to be convenient on a racetrack.

“It was clear that such a vehicle would have to endure criticism from all sides,” Porsche put it. “Development team demand was high.”

In fact, a team working on Cayenne’s codename: Project Colorado has developed two new V8 engines from scratch. The more powerful of the two, a twin-turbo unit produces 444 hp (331 kW / 450 PS), equivalent to the Porsche 959.

Like the Supercar, the SUV also received variable ground clearance for the Porsche Active suspension system, to ensure it could go off-road. To guarantee that it will have Porsche-like features everywhere, the automaker has turned to one of its adapted test drivers, Walter Rohrol.

“I thought they were not serious. I was convinced that it could not handle these huge obstacles, “said Rohrol, who first saw the Cain test on an off-road track in Spain. “But it did. It really fascinated me. “

Now, 20 years later, Cain is better than ever, according to Rohrell.

“It’s probably one of the sharpest cars they’ve ever built,” he said. “At first, you think: it’s a truck. But it drives … it’s incredible. Accuracy, strength, balance. Maybe when you brake, the weight is understood, but I’m doing more than 250km / h. [155 mph] Here’s the straight end – most cars can’t even handle it. “

If the remittance of 959 can be as impressive as the road, it is difficult to argue that Cain was not given the same job. Although it has a different, recognizably less attractive body, even Röhrl thinks the link is simply not weak.

“A Porsche Cayenne is an all-rounder,” he said, “and yes, you can probably compare it to the 959.”

What do you think? Can the Porsche Cayenne really be considered in the same breath as the Legend 959?

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