Mazda seeks to seduce BMW and Mercedes buyers with new Rhodium White premium

Mazda’s push into the premium market will be taken seriously with the launch of the CX-60 and the upcoming CX-70 and CX-90 SUVs. And convinced that premium cars deserve premium paints to show their best effects, Mazda has created another superior color, called Rhodium White Premium.

The new paint is made using the third Mazda Takuminuri process, the other is Sol Red Metallic and Machine Gray Premium. Like these paints, Rhodium White Premium consists of three distinct layers, starting with a single color layer, in this case white, the bottom, which Mazda calls a silky smooth, fine-grained white.

Mazda paint buffins explain that the color layer of the white car is usually thicker than that when other colors are used to prevent the undercoat from showing. In this case, however, a newly developed pigment enabled Mazda to reduce the color layer thickness by 30 percent compared to the less external Snowflake White Pearl Mica.

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That base color layer is topped with an ultra-thin, high light layer of aluminum flex that reflects light and flatters the car’s codo design features. Again, Mazda has been able to reduce the amount of material used, reducing the depth of the reflective layer to 0.5 microns or about 7 percent of the thickness of the normal reflective layer. The final touch is a glossy top coat of clear varnish.

Mazda says the fancy Rhodium White premium paint will be reserved primarily for the company’s larger product group of models and will be available in the new European-market CX-60 this summer. North America is not getting the CX-60 because Mazda has chosen to make larger CX-70 and CX-90 models that look better suited to the US market, but both SUVs will be available in new colors. Of the two, the three-row CX-90 made its first landing, hitting showrooms in late 2022, followed by the five-seater CX-70 in 2023.

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