McLaren allegedly rumored to have an electric crossover by 2030, the opposite of the course.

McLaren officials have repeatedly rejected the idea of ​​proposing a crossover, but a new report suggests they have changed their minds and will eventually join rivals such as Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Lotus and Ferrari.

According to Autocar, work is already underway and the company plans to launch a crossover in the second half of this decade. Little is known about the model at the moment, but publications say it will be fully electric and “will not be available with any combustion engine.”

It is also speculated that the crossover will be introduced in a specification before adding additional variants to the lineup. However, the details are unclear as the model is rumored to have a dual- or tri-motor powertrain in addition to the all-wheel drive. There is no word on the battery pack or range but, if the model really works, it is reasonable to assume that the company will use a relatively light battery with the latest technology.

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Pricing also remains a mystery, but the publication suggests the crossover won’t be as cheap as it could potentially retail for around £ 350,000 ($ 423,221 / € 407,022). That number should be taken with a grain of salt but, if correct, it will be much more expensive than DBX and Urus.

Although McLaren died against a crossover, it appears that the departure of longtime CEO Mike Flewitt, as well as his desire to improve sales and profitability, could change hearts. This is understandable because the Urus is the fastest-selling Lamborghini in history, while Porsche recently noted that the Cayenne “surpassed immediate sales expectations” and generated 1 million sales in less than 18 years.

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