MINI teases the concept of crossover as it announces new design language

Mini is entering a new design era with the introduction of its new charismatic simplicity design language. The language will be previewed next month with the announcement of an all-electric crossover concept.

All future mini models will be based on architectures designed for electric powertrains and through its new design philosophy, will reduce the number of mini elements and instead focus on the necessary styling elements. It wants future models to “gain an emotional, intuitively recognizable identity” and ensure that each future mini-model has its own distinct charisma based on the brand’s origins, confidently and in its own way redefining it. “

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A key pillar of the new design language will be the use of advanced LED technology in the mini model taillights, providing a simple Union Jack design with a unique light signature for each model. The next generation Mini Studio removes most of the Chrome components

Durability Mini’s charismatic simplicity is a key theme in the design language. For example, the concept is skin-free and focuses on the use of natural and recycled materials as well as secondary raw materials. It uses a full-digital round display with a modified user interface, although the mini’s design team has chosen to hold some important analog control units, including the toggle switch.

“The future of Mini Design is based on the courage and determination to change and stamp a unique and impeccable profile in the brand,” explained Oliver Helmer, Head of Mini Design.

A single teaser of the aforementioned crossover concept has been released. Mini says the concept is “a progressive explanation of technological innovation and unique dynamics of how the brand’s design language is moving into the future.”

We already have a good idea of ​​what to expect from the language of Mini’s new design after the unveiling of the next-generation Cooper S-EV prototype in China late last year. It made a particularly bold statement with the presence of overhauled LED taillights and black accents instead of chrome.

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