Morgan four-wheelers return to the United States in January 2023 after a 15-year hiatus

The four-wheeled Morgan sports car is returning to North America 15 years away. The British company expects its first Plus 4 cars to hit dealerships in January 2023, the more powerful Plus 6 six months behind.

Thanks to the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act, which was introduced in 2015, but only began to take effect in 2021. Apparently this helps the low-volume replica car industry with discounts from most federal standard cars that are designed like cars made at least 25 years ago, and whose annual production is not above 5,000. But since Roosevelt looks a lot like Morgan’s cars when he was in the big chair, it’s also quite effective for the Brit Sports Car brand.

Morgans have been found occasionally in the United States in Mark’s 113-year history, but no fully-built four-wheeled car has been sold in North America since the loss of the swoopy, cross-eyed Aero 8’s smart airbag discount in 2008.

Some Morgan four-wheelers have still found their way across the Atlantic in the last 15 years, but only through a slightly more complex process that shipped engine-less vehicles from the UK and then fitted once on US soil with a federalized engine. Basically you really wanted to make it work.

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The brand has a small presence in the US due to the success of 3 Wheeler, which was revived in 2010 and as the name implies, having only three wheels was able to bypass the car safety law. That car went out of production last year, but all new 3-wheelers, which get a brand new aluminum chassis and replace a motorcycle V-twin for a Ford inline three-cylinder car engine, should be sold in the U.S. before it is finished. Of 2022.

The first of the four-wheelers to arrive in North America is the Plus Four, which was launched in other markets in 2020 and is powered by a BMW B48 2.0-liter turbocharged four with a choice of six-speed manual transmission. This will be followed by the Plus 6 six months later, which uses a BMW B58 3.0-liter inline six. Morgan already uses those engines in its European cars, but North American cars will have to use similarly similar powertrains for that region.

While its current four-wheel drive looks quite similar to its historical models to qualify for low-volume discounts, they are radically different under the skin. Built around an aluminum chassis, Morgan retires its traditional steel chassis in 2020. Fear not, purists; They still feature a classic ash frame on which the body panels are mounted.

Morgan has not yet announced the price for North America, but a Plus 4 is currently priced at £ 64,995 ($ 79,100) in the UK and a Plus 6 at £ 84,995 ($ 103,400). Guaranteed $ 54,000 for the new 3 wheeler and destination and local tax costs. This is not beer money, but Morgan will have to hire new dealers for the upcoming expansion in the US market, one of which currently sells Ferrari in Colorado, and we can imagine that one or two well-heeled Ferrari buyers have turned their heads. Adding a three-wheeler, plus four or plus six, and a Morgan to the shopping basket.

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