No more your own rowing: Mercedes will kill Manual in Europe from 2023

If you live in Europe and want to buy a Mercedes-Benz with a manual transmission, you should hurry because car manufacturers will phase it out of its full range by early 2023, as confirmed by a Mercedes spokesperson.

As reported by the German publication Automobilwoche, a company spokesman said: “With increasing electrification, we are seeing consumer demand shifting towards electric mobility components, batteries and (partially) electric drive systems”, adding that Mercedes-Benz ” The news comes two years after high-ranking Mercedes officials signaled changes as part of a cost-cutting system.

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The entry-level Mercedes-Benz A180 sedan is still offered in Europe with a manual transmission.

The only models in Mercedes’ current European lineup that are still offered with the option of manual transmission are the entry-level A-Class, B-Class and CLA. The German carmaker has stopped offering three-pedal options in its US lineup for several years.

Naturally, all members of the EQ range carry two paddles as most EVs in the world, while more upmarket models and warmer AMG variants are traditionally offered with only one automatic transmission.

Although a Mercedes spokesman did not specify when the change would take place, Stuttgarter Zeitung reported that it would take place in early 2023. This could mean that the upcoming Facelift A-Class range will be offered exclusively with automatic transmissions, with similar changes to the Facelifted B-Class and CLA lineup.

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