Pininfarina’s first NFT collection pays homage to the 1970 module

Pininfarina is the state-of-the-art automotive space company that could enter the world of NFTs, announcing a series of digital industries based on the 1970 Pininfarina Modulo concept car and available at RM Sotheby’s.

The project has come to life in partnership with luxury NFT specialist 1of1, ARTM Technologies, and artist Sasha Sirota. The series will be limited to five separate NFTs.

The famous Italian design house says that the NFT collection contains original and unique sketches of the modulus created in 1970 and preserved in Pininfarina’s private archives and never shown to the public. The winning bidders will own a special digital booklet of unseen sketches, as well as physical prints of two limited editions of the artwork signed by company chairman Paolo Pininfarina.

Also, the NFT collection includes artistic digital rendering, video-animation NFTs, and an exclusive soundtrack produced by Sasha Sirota. Each NFT will present the module in a different period from 1970 to 2020. NFTs are called modules 70, 80, 90, 00, and 10, referring to their respective decades.

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Owners will also have access to an exclusive VIP live experience and enjoy a private tour of the Pininfarina Museum, a private session with the firm’s car design team, and an immersive experience at the Pininfarina Virtual Lab. Customers will also own a special digital copy of the module that can be used in Metaverse.

“Pininfarina and the NFT community share a very well-tailored, value-added and innovative design that is at our core,” added Paolo Pininfarina, chairman of Pininfarina. “This project is an exciting initiative for Pininfarina, which brings a historical perspective to life in Metaverse with the benefits of the real world.”

Bidding for NFT opens on May 24 on RM Sotheby’s platform and will run until May 26.

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