QOTD: Will any of you EV owners go back to ICE?

There is no doubt that the transition to electrified vehicles is already well underway. Despite some brands’ concerns about moving to an all-electric lineup, EV sales are only growing across the country. But we wonder if some of you early electric car buyers can find a way back to the internal combustion chamber.

Battery-powered vehicles offer several advantages over internal combustion. And we’re not just talking about the potential benefits of burning dead dinosaurs. We are talking about real benefits that even non-car enthusiasts will notice.

For example, electric vehicles do not require the same type of maintenance as internal combustion vehicles. Gone are the days of oil change, timing belt service and transmission fluid flush. EV owners also don’t have to deal with issues like turbo lag or automatic transmission gear change.

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At the same time, electric car owners have a number of unique issues that they face, including unreasonable battery replacement costs. And that’s not all. Although charging networks around the world are better than ever, there is no question that EV’s infrastructure is pale compared to internal combustion vehicles.

In addition, those who expect to charge their car at home may find that they cannot even install a charger unless they own a home. Others who rely on public charging stations may be disillusioned with poor charging experience. It is not uncommon to find stations with chargers that do not work properly or do not work at all.

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Even those who can access a high-quality and reliable fast charger may own a car that does not charge fast enough for everyday use. Toyota has just acknowledged that its new BZ4X may not charge as fast in extreme cold.

These kinds of limitations are things that most of us don’t have to deal with internal combustion engines. So we need to ask those who have already made the switch. Will you ever go back to internal combustion? Even the straw that will break the back of the camel? Or will you stick with the electric car until you die? Tell us in the comments box below!

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