Rusty boosters can make a total of more than 320,000 Mercedes SUVs

From time to time, these are small details that can get you into trouble. Such was the case with the rubber sleeves around the brake booster housing of certain Mercedes cars sold between 2006 and 2012.

The sleeves surrounding the brake booster housing can trap moisture and after prolonged or significant exposure to water, the brake booster may erode. If this part rusts, it may start to leak and brake force support may be reduced.

This may require more force from the driver to apply the brakes and increase the stopping distance, two situations that are less than ideal. In rare cases of severe damage, a particularly strong or stiff braking technique can lead to mechanical damage to the brake booster and the system may fail, making it impossible to slow down the vehicle.

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This is bad news because your brakes are most needed when you are using them vigorously Regardless of the context, damage to the braking system is a significant problem that increases the risk of crashes and consequent injuries. It may be helpful to note that parking brakes are not affected by this problem and before failure occurs, drivers may be informed of the problem by changing the brake pedal feel while applying the brakes or by the hissing and gusts of wind.

In all, the problem affects 292,287 vehicles in the United States and 31,577 ML, GL and R-class vehicles in Canada. In particular, the problem affects:

2007 AMG R63
2007-2009 GL320
2010-2012 GL350
2007-2012 GL450
2008-2012 GL550
2007-2009 ML320
2010-2011 ML450
2006-2007 ML500
2008-2011 ML550
2007-2009 R320
2006-2007 R500
2007-2011 AMG ML63
2006-2012 R350
2008 R550

From May 27, Mercedes will start reaching out to car owners and asking them to bring their vehicles to a service center. A technician will then remove the rubber sleeve and inspect the brake booster. Vehicles that do not show corrosion may continue to be driven, while those that do will be inspected. Some vehicles may be able to run for up to two years after which they will be repaired. The brake booster can be repaired immediately if needed.

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