See the C8 Corvette driver head (and crash) directly into the bushes

Driving a Chevrolet C8 Corvette on an open road sounds fun, but it was a scary experience for the driver pictured below. PowerSlide’s failed attempt or the mid-engine rear-wheel-drive sportscar seem to have failed, causing the owner to lose control and crash into the green.

The video was originally posted on Instagram by Tyler Joel Cox, who watched it live from his car. As the white Corvette approached the end of the convertible tarmac, the tires screamed and stiffened and accelerated. The driver turns the wheel but the vehicle goes down a little and the rest is painful to look at.

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The mid-engine model hits the pebble bump with its front edge, making a loud noise. The force of the accident probably broke the front bumper and damaged the lower part of the vehicle.

The man who shot the video also posted a photo of what happened next, showing Corvette being pulled out of a ditch. Fortunately there were no serious injuries involved, but we are sure that the driver of the C8 was quite shaken by this experience.

We do not know the amount of permanent damage caused by C8, but such incidents usually do not come cheap. In addition to the front bumper replacement, Corvette’s front suspension, front wheels and airbags (if installed), may increase the bill. However, the driver will think twice before stunting behind the wheel of an expensive car.

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