Seedet-looking 1996 Honda Civic sedan packs a Sylvia turbo engine and RWD secret

Many Honda purists see the sixth-generation Civic as a car that costs nothing to be a great daily driver. One New Zealand owner decided he needed some features that Honda had never offered; A turbocharged engine, and – wait for it, rear wheel drive 7

These two modifications are most desirable for such a small and chic small car. While it would be incredibly expensive to build a Civic as an RWD car, it’s fun to dream about how fast it would be in that size. Now that it is up for sale, anyone can take this Civic out of their dream and into their driveway.

Listed for just $ 6,000 in New Zealand dollars or about $ 3,751 in the US, this civic features the well-known Nissan SR20DET four-cylinder turbocharged engine. The owner created a custom tunnel to hold the driveshaft and then installed Nissan Sylvia Cross members to support the change on both ends of the Civic.

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In fact, most of the construction is shown on This particular car has a wild story from the days when it was still Honda driven. For potential buyers, it would be nice to have the ability to view the build as soon as it is assembled.

As we can clearly see in the advertisement, there is a lot of work to be done in the interior of the car before the daily driver is ready. The center console is devoid of any sound system and the steering wheel can use a replacement or at least a touch-up.

The seller notes that the engine also needs tuning. It will probably require a separate ECU before anyone can really get the most out of the platform. Once these things are done it will make for an epic small car.

The exterior looks relatively clean and the rest of the interior is still in good condition. The money they are asking for I think many of us are willing to spring for this citizen. The used car market is quite wild here and it will definitely be a unique means of transportation.

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