Stellantis will shift production of the Fiat Doblo from Turkey to Spain

Stellantis will make the latest Fiat Dobolo in Spain, as opposed to Turkey, creating uncertainty for Turkish carmaker Tofas, which currently produces outgoing models.

Tofas serves as a joint venture between Coke Holding and Stalantis in Turkey. It manufactures the existing Dobolo at a Turkish factory and earlier this week indicated that production could increase by the end of 2023 and that it could also handle production of new models. However, Stellantis has since released a press release stating that the new DoBlo and E-DoBlo will be made in Spain.

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In this news, the share price of Tofas has decreased by 7.1 percent. Talking to ReutersGeneral Manager Ata Yatirim said the news was not encouraging for the joint venture.

“We still see a high probability that there will be new potential projects … However, the current news flow does not look very encouraging,” Yatirim said. “Any delay in announcing new potential projects … could lead to an overhang in Tofas shares.”

Fiat Doulo accounted for one-third of Tofas’ production in 2021 and accounted for 43 percent of its international exports, including 48,761 units. It also makes Egea and MCV and although it has the capacity to make 450,000 cars annually, it made only 229,000 cars in 2021, of which 77,520 were Doblo models.

Tofas claims that European countries will not be in the main export market if Turkey increases its production of doubles. Instead, the output will be focused on the Middle East, North America, Africa and domestic Turkish markets.

The third-generation Fiat Dobolo and E-Dobolo models are basically a revised version of the Citroen Burlingo, Peugeot Rifter, Opel Combo Life and Toyota ProS City Verso. Powering the E-DoBlock is an electric motor with a 50 kWh battery pack with 134 hp and 192 lb-ft (260 Nm) of torque. Meanwhile, ICE models are offered with 1.5-liter turbodiesel and 1.2-liter turbocharged petrol engines.

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