Tesla driver claims Model X autopilot wired off road, mounted guard rail in

An Australian man is lucky to have seen his Tesla Model X off the road and spotted on a railroad track and survived an accident without injury. The driver claimed that the electric car was in “autopilot” mode at the time of the accident.

The driver told 9News Australia that he was driving south on Melbourne’s Urundjerry Way on Friday afternoon, May 13, when the accident happened. The incident took place during rush hour when the vehicle was traveling at a speed of about 60 km / h (37 miles).

He claimed the car was in autopilot and was behaving normally when, suddenly, it started shaking and off the road, eventually mounting the guard rail. The impact was violent enough to tear off one of the Model X’s front wheels.

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The location of the accident made it challenging for the fire crew to rescue the vehicle, which worked to move the vehicle into a car holster, where the batteries were kept, without causing too much damage to the underbody.

The car owner said he had owned the car for three years and had never experienced any problems with the autopilot before. Although the ad for the Tesla system has come under fire.

Although the California company claims to regulators that the autopilot (and related FSD) system is a Level 2, self-driving system, it has been accused of overselling its power to the purchasing public, leading to dangerous behaviors, such as sleeping on wheels. .

A recent study has already shown that although this and other advanced driver assistance systems can handle driving situations where all the rules of the road are being followed, something unexpected happens (such as a bicycle crossing the road).

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