The 1,100-mile Chevy SSR is a timeworm example of GM’s confused retro truck

Is it a truck? Is it a roadstar? Is it just a trailblazer with a 1950s cosplay fetish? The Chevy SSR is clearly confused as to why it could explain the bombing, despite being obsessed with retro design since its debut in the car market in the early 2000s.

A distinct lack of under-hood firepower did not help to back up the hot rod swagger. Early cars came with a TAM 5.3-liter Vortex V8 that delivered only 300 hp (304 PS) net and was paired with a mandatory four-speed automatic transmission. Realizing its mistake, GM upgraded the SSR to a 6.0-liter LS2 V8 available in cars like the C6 Corvette for 2005, converting an additional 90 hp (91 PS) of performance and a new six-speed manual transmission option in the application Adds. .

But that was not enough to save SSR. GM canned its retro mashup in 2006, selling just 24,000 units, although a quick look at eBay shows that you won’t struggle to find one today. At the time of writing, there were 30 auction sites starting at just under $ 15,000, but to get this special purple truck home you would need to pay close to the R 46,400 SSR seen in this picture.

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As a 2004 model, it left the factory too early to benefit from the LS engine upgrade, but offsetting it has an impeccable history revealing that it covered 1,105 miles (1,775 km) in the hands of only one owner. Whether the owner never found the time to run the SSR, or whether he bought it and thought it would one day be worth a fortune, does not clear the list, although the Florida-based dealer is selling it for $ 37,995 and apparently paid the original owner thousands less. , He certainly did not make any money.

What is clear is that anyone looking for an SSR is going to struggle to find a beautiful one. The leather interior looks showroom fresh, like the wood trimmed rear deck (an হলে 895 option if new), and that ultra violet color scheme is arguably much cooler than the red and yellow colors typically worn by these trucks. That’s almost enough to make you wonder if people were a little hard on SSR two decades ago. Hey, we said Almost.

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