The 1969 Citroen DS21 ‘Majesty’ saloon is an incredibly rare, incredibly luxurious

The Citroën DS, one of the most beautiful cars ever made, let alone the fantastic favorite classic in standard form, Chapron’s rare coach-built specials. A great example is the featured Citroën DS 21 “Majesty” saloon being auctioned off by Bonhams as one of 27 units made in this bodystyle.

“Majesty” was created by Henry Chapron, who was also responsible for the DS Prestige flagship trim. It debuted in 1964 and was in production until 1969 as the most luxurious and exclusive variant of the French sedan. This particular model was built in 1969 and is based on a facelifted DS with beautiful directional headlights, one of three – the other 24 units had round headlights.

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The stand-out feature of the “Majesty” is the redesign of the rear edges, an angular roof line resulting in a more traditional three-box size and extended headroom for rear passengers. In addition to the larger rear windscreen and different tail designs, including the fins on the rear fender, the model has special exterior trim. The bottom of the bodywork has plenty of chrome, a stylish chrome strip on the profile that highlights the “Majesty” badges, and a polished aluminum wheel cover in contrast to the Midnight Blue shade.

Equipment includes air conditioning with front and rear vents, ashtrays for all passengers, a radio, a dashboard-mounted watch, and custom furnishings. The seats and door panels are covered with Havana beige leather, combined with incorrectly painted barrel wood and brown wool carpets on the dashboard. Special DS was restored in 2009 but now has some work to do to get back to Concourse state after so many years of storage.

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Rare citroen is offered without reserve, and is estimated to bring in between 50,000-100,000 Swiss francs or roughly $ 51,000-102,000. In addition to the price, the new owner will have to pay Swiss customs charges and additional taxes to collect the offered car with Belgian registration.

Would you prefer a “majestic” bodystyle over stock but always a gorgeous DS, decapotable two-door convertible, or a more practical wagon?

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