The 2023 could be the last internal-combustion model of the Integra Acura

When Acura released 2023 Integra, it was a nostalgic message for its past. It marks the end of an era, although it is the brand’s last new internal combustion engine-powered vehicle.

Automotive News reports that the 2023 Integra will be Acura’s last new petrol-powered model and will be followed by its first fully electric vehicle in 2024. We have contacted Acura to comment on this story and will update it when we hear back

“The integration of Integra is really important, as a true gateway to the brand and a worthy successor to the original Integra,” Emil Corker, assistant vice president of Acura national sales, told the outlet. “We are excited about what this latest generation is going to do to build a trusted customer base as we move towards electrification.”

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Replacing the more conservative ILX, Acura focused not only on giving it an attractive price tag, but also on Integra, a high-specific and high-performance vehicle to create an attractive vehicle. And, in December, Corkor told AN that the time was no accident.

“The advantage of coming back to Integra right now is that it will shepherd a new generation of customers and help us build loyalty as we move into a new era,” he said. “That new era must be electrification.”

The brand will move towards electrification faster than Honda and avoid hybrids, instead turning directly into fully electric vehicles. Its first EV will be built on GM’s Ultium platform. Both Acura and Honda will build vehicles on the platform and after that, any new car will also be electric.

According to Corker, Integra will not transfer to EV but “anyone who buys an Integra is going to be ready for the next generation, no matter what its repetition.”

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