The 2023 Honda CR-V has been teased ahead of its summer debut for North America

This is the first appearance of the 2023 Honda CR-V in North America, which was teased before its debut later this summer, with production and sales set to begin in the fall.

It is clear that there has been a serious change from these cropped images shared by the new CR-V Honda The first teaser previews the front end of the SUV, revealing the headlights overhauled with LED daytime running lights. The Honda 2023 CR-V is equipped with a more prominent and larger grille, which is at least finished in black in this hybrid trim while having a silver shroud for low air intake. The shape and curves of the front fascia are also quite different from the outward model.

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There is nothing wrong with the 2023 CR-V for the current model. Although the L-shaped taillights that extend the D-columns are now more refined and sport modified LED signatures. Other parts of the new CR-V that caught my eye include faulty silver tailpipes and various tailgates.

This is not the first time that Honda’s best-selling SUV has been spotted. Earlier this month, images from outside China showed the local-spec model in detail. The Chinese version of the 2023 CR-V looks virtually identical to the example shown in these teasers, and it seems that only slight trimming changes will distinguish the Chinese model from North American specialty cars as well as cars sold in other markets, including Europe and Australia.

American Honda has not confirmed so many details about the 2023 CR-V, except to say in a press release that it offers “enhanced versatility” and “a more advanced hybrid system for a sportier driving experience with greater efficiency”. These teasers are hybrid powertrain-equipped models.

As far as I can tell, China’s 2023 Honda CR-V is closer to the American SUV.

It is not yet clear what changes Honda has made to the current CR-V hybrid system. In the United States, the SUV’s current hybrid system combines a 2.0-liter naturally-aspiring four-cylinder with an electric starter-generator and electric motor. It comes standard with AWD, a CVT and produces 212 hp. A conventional gasoline powertrain must be on offer, even after the introduction of the 2024 Prologue SUV.

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