The AAA reports an increase of up to 60% in gas-fired drivers

Another day, another record high for gas prices because AAA now reports that the national average price has risen to $ 5.016 per gallon.

Although it has risen slightly since Monday, when it peaked at an average of $ 5 per gallon for the first time, it appears that higher prices are having an unusual effect on drivers.

In particular, in Michigan, the number of drivers running out of fuel and calling AAA for assistance has increased by 60% in the last 6-12 months. The exact cause of the spike remains unclear, but it is speculated that some drivers are stuck with old habits, such as putting $ 20 in the tank.

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Although পেয়ে 20 last year you got about 6.5 gallons of fuel this time, the same amount you get today is only 4 gallons. As a result, drivers are unable to travel that far and many of them are running out of fuel.

It is also possible that drivers are waiting for the last second to fill, in the hope that the price will go down. This is a risky proposition and gas prices have been rising for most of the year.

Unfortunately, this could lead to fatal consequences as WXYZ Warren spoke to Police Commissioner William Dwyer who noted that recently a motorcyclist ran out of gas and died in an accident while pushing their bike. Although it was not immediately clear why the motorcycle ran out of gas, Doyer told the station that “your life is more important than running out of gas and being killed.”

The problem isn’t limited to Michigan, as AAA Northeast spokesman Mark Shieldrop told Western Mass News: He told the publication that they were seeing a “25 percent increase in those calls.” Meanwhile, in Virginia, that number has increased 10% since 2019.

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