The brake-checking Florida Cop almost killed a motorcyclist in Florida

Brake-checking a follower driver is dumb, and it should never be done no matter how crazy you are with running your tail. If a policeman sees someone doing this to you, you will expect them to deal harshly, and that’s exactly what happened. But in this video a policeman is doing a brake-checking, and to make matters worse, the motorcyclist in the back is riding a motorcycle, and as a result could easily die in a collision.

The footage comes from the man behind the Florida-based YouTube channel Hypod Life, who was riding his 2020 Yamaha R3, an entry-level sports bike, when he was spotted behind a Dodge charger in the Davy District of Florida Highway Patrol. The speed of the bike is obscure in the edited video, so it is safe to assume that the rider is exceeding the speed limit, but probably not too much, and the footage shows that he is not riding recklessly.

The charger is an unmarked Florida Highway Patrol car, unknowingly the biker stops and gets ready to overtake, his speedy-sense telling him to hang up. Unfortunately, he did not have Spider-Man’s web shooting capabilities that would help him clear up what would happen next. The officer lightly brakes-checks the bike before temporarily turning off the brakes and returning to the gas, but fortunately the biker is far enough and the road is wide enough that he can avoid if necessary.

But just a few seconds later the police threw his lights on, and his weight again on the middle paddle, right in the middle of the freeway. At this point you can see the front view and there is no traffic jam on the road which may suggest that the police are going to perform an emergency stop. But he does, and to double the danger element, after flowing into the right lane, the patrol officer turns left in the middle of the road, making it difficult for the bike rider to decide which way to turn to avoid a collision. .

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Incredibly, the rider is mostly unharmed, although he explains in a YouTube video about the crash that his back hurts when he sits for a long time and of course the bike gets trashed. Rider’s camera recordings remain after the collision, and although it fell from his head so we can’t see what’s going on, we can hear the interaction between the police and the rider, where the police ask why the motorcyclist was tailgating him and wondering if he’s the charger. Couldn’t move around.

YouTuber, who was detained in the middle of the freeway but was later released without charge, said he could not find out if the officer involved was subject to disciplinary action. However, we do see an excerpt from the police report, which states that the officer saw the bike speeding and “recklessly”. [FHP’s quotes] By weaving in and out of traffic.

It supports that the officer turns on his lights and lowers the charger “quickly, trying to slow down” [the bike] Down “, claiming that unedited GoPro footage proves the bike was traveling at 81 mph (130 km / h) when it approached the patrol car (although the video did not explain where the speed had reached), and the speed, and the rider’s brakes. Slow application, was the cause of the conflict.

It certainly does not list the fact that the officer’s irresponsible decision to apply the full braking force unnecessarily resulted in almost a fatality, when he could easily keep his speed on, turn on the blue light and safely take the bike to the side of the road. .

We are not saying there is nothing wrong with the biker. She was speeding, she looked away from him when the brakes of the police car were on, and he was probably too close. But he is certainly not worthy of what happened to him, and claims he is seeking legal representation to pursue the matter. He added that his insurance company had already paid and was trying to recover the cost from FHP. Do you think the police were entirely responsible for the clash or was it the fault of both sides?

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