The Bugatti took 16 weeks to create the interior of the Centodici

Although based in the vicinity of the limited-powered Bugatti Centodieci all-conquering Chiron, the French carmaker has worked hard to make its exterior design reminiscent of the iconic EB 110 Super Sport, but the cabin retro theme continues.

The first thing to separate the interior of the Centodieci from the Chiron and return to the EB 110 is the seat. Although they are standard Bugatti sports seats, the Bugatti is reminiscent of the EB 110’s leather transmission tunnel cover with a distinctive leather wrap pattern. The headrest also has an embossed EB logo, similar to the predecessor of the Centodici, although customers can get it. Personalized names or logos embed in the headrest if they like.

It took Bugatti workers five days to create the headrest embossing, cut the leather into shapes, assemble the seats, and carefully examine each part.

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The chessboard effect pattern on the Centodic seat is spread across roof liners, door panels, center consoles and floor mats. Importantly, this chessboard pattern matches the different panels. As such, the door inserts flow smoothly into the instrument cluster and the steering column. The Bugatti also makes aluminum badges with door seal panels and Sentodici engraving on the armrest.

In all, Bugatti takes about 16 weeks to complete the interior of each Centodieci.

“Newly developed vehicles like the Centodici are a big challenge because, in just a few of the ten vehicles, we have to meet and exceed the same quality and safety standards that apply to series production vehicles,” said Bugatti interior development engineer Dark Buhre. “Our customers expect a very high quality and exclusive interior. We appeal to all the senses – design, appearance, feeling, phonology, even the sense of smell. Bugatti enthusiasts will immediately see the similarity between EB 110 and Centodieci. “

Despite the car having a starting price of 8 million euros ($ 8.3 million), Bugatti was able to sell all 10 instances of Centodici within hours of opening the order a few years ago. Delivery is expected to begin next week.

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