The C8 Corvette dives through Miami flood waters like a scuba champ

The mid-engine layout of the C8 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray has not only transformed it into a legitimate competitor to European supercars, but it has, in turn, made it quite convenient in flood waters.

Several videos have begun to appear on social media showing a black C8 Corvette being driven through a flash flood in Miami and, significantly, leaving it intact. It must be seen to really believe.

Most of the videos we found were shared on Instagram and Reddit One of these videos was shot in front of a corvette and it appears to be crossing a flooded section of the road with seemingly minor problems. Sometimes, water covers the entire hood and even spreads across the windshield. It’s such a wonderful sight that the driver of a tow truck is seen double-taking in the background, amazed at what they saw.

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A second video shared on Reddit captured the bizarre stunt of the Corvette driver from the side. This clip shows that the entire front fascia of the vehicle was actually covered in water but the vet was moving at perfect speed to create a bow wave which ensures that the air intake on the side of the vehicle does not absorb water and does not hydraulic in the middle. -Mounted 6.2-liter V8.

At first impression, it may seem that Corvette escaped the floodwaters without any problems. While this is certainly possible, we would be shocked if some water did not enter the cabin through the door jam. The storage compartment under the hood is inevitably filled with water and there is a possibility that the flood water left a rather unpleasant odor in the sports cart.

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