The future of sports cars? Harry Metcalfe tests the Hybrid Ferrari SF90 Stradale

For sports car enthusiasts, the introduction of electric and hybrid models is a threat to the character of the driving experience. However, there is one brand that has never had a problem with character, and that is Ferrari, so if it can cool hybrid sports cars, it could pave the way for the rest of the industry.

Automotive journalist Harry Metcalfe takes us on his YouTube channel through the finer points of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, the brand’s 1,000 horsepower hybrid supercar.

Right off the bat, Harry mentions the insane price of the machine, which is £ 374,420 ($ 461,734USD), but once all the options are added, the number is over half a million, £ 523,460 ($ 645,530). One of these options is the Aceto Fiorano Kit, which combines carbon fiber with titanium springs, non-adjustable competition dampers and extended ductel.

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When Harry goes through the spectacles of the SF90, he realizes that it has the potential to generate far more power than Ferrari claims. The twin-turbo V8 engine produces 780 horsepower, while the three electric motors together provide 220 horsepower. The front two motors are rated at 135 horsepower, while the rear motor between the engine and the eight-speed transmission is rated at 205 for a possible total of 475. The only reason is that it can’t provide the rated energy. The battery cannot discharge enough amps. More horsepower will probably be unlocked with the addition of a high voltage battery to future models.

Styling doesn’t depend on the journalist’s tastes, but it doesn’t really matter, because the whole point of Ferrari is how it operates, and you won’t see it when you’re in the driver’s seat.

The default setting is hybrid mode, which means that the set off on the monster machine is completely silent until one foot goes down, and then the twin-turbo V8 kicks. The instantaneous torque of electric motors means no gaps are waiting. The whole system tries its best to keep the battery on top to spool the turbo, and to supply the electric motors with full power.

Harry called the car “borderline scary” and “mind-boggling”, and we really wouldn’t expect anything less than a 1,000 hp Ferrari. At the same time, however, the car was driven by a highly driven, electric motor that drove Dr. Jekyll back to Mr. Hyde.

If the future of exciting sports cars is ever in question due to electrification, then Ferrari can put those concerns to bed.

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