The good Samaritans in Florida get together in a car with a disabled driver and save

The last days must be near because a group of amazing Samaritans from none other than Florida came together like Avengers to help a disabled driver in a medical emergency. The fire was caught on a traffic camera at Boynton Beach near Forida Boca Raton. His colleague, who was driving next to him, noticed the problem at first, but what happened there seems to be something out of the ordinary.

Laurie Rabio was the woman at the center of the incident and she recently spoke with the local news station CBS12 about how the combination of drugs and other factors made her feel dizzy behind the wheel. Pulling safely, he lost consciousness before calling for help.

Around the same time, he says he hit a barrier even though we don’t see it in the footage. Instead what we see is how his car is slowly getting into the jolt of the car at the big intersection. His colleague jumped out of his own car and immediately ran to the intersection, shaking his hand to draw attention to the problem and possibly slow traffic.

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At about the same time, a man in a car on each side of the intersection opens their doors and everyone makes his way to the still-flowing Mazda. A third person jumps out of a nearby Lexus and then two more people come out of nowhere to help stop the car.

One of them is a woman who eventually returns to her car to grab a dumbbell which she lends to a man who uses it to smash the rear passenger window. A different gentleman crawls through the broken window to unlock the car so others can start helping Rabio.

Fortunately, EMTs were able to join him and he credited the group for saving his life. The most interesting thing is that he still does not know many people involved in the rescue. The local police department has already begun efforts to identify everyone involved and is trying to arrange a time for everyone to meet with Mrs. Rabio.

It’s a warm and wonderful story that reminds us that good things are happening everywhere This is just one of the few moments when he was unexpectedly caught on film. It is also a good reminder to keep an eye on your co-drivers

Image Credit: Boynton Beach Police Department

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