The Nissan 350Z boldly tries to disguise the new Z.

The long awaited launch of the new Nissan Z / Fairlady Z in the market, but a fan of the Japanese sports car has solved the problem. Instagram user SKP Diorama bought a Nissan 350Z and converted it to Fairlady Z Lookley over the past two years. Until the car is finished, a set of photos of the ongoing project will give you a great idea of ​​its possibilities.

A Silver 350Z (Z33) served as the basis for the facelift build, which included new and modified body panels. Despite the age, the 350Z (2002-2008) bears a striking resemblance to both the 370Z (2009-2021) and the Z (2022), thanks to the same proportions and surfacing, making it a good choice for conversion – at least theory

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The first step was to change the design of the front bumper which got a longer grille and a new splitter. Then, the owner creates a triangular shaped bulge on the bonnet which is a signature element of the new Z. This is followed by L aerodynamic side seal extension, a rear spoiler and more prominent diffuser.

The 350Z has a pair of aftermarket headlights with LED graphics on a black background. The owner added pieces of tape before changing the front fender and bonnet to help cover the taped spaces, to bring the angular shape of the 350Z headlights closer to the rounded shape of the FairLade Z units.

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The hardest part was probably the rear, as it was challenging to replicate the new Fairlady Z’s LED taillight graphics. A black section with an updated Nissan symbol, a “Fairlady Z” logo and plenty of black and yellow tape has brought the 350Z closer to the current design language, although the results rarely pass for a new Z.

As a finishing touch, the car is painted yellow, matched with the Nissan Z Proto, rear bumper and a glossy black accent on the roof. The two-tone look is enhanced by silver lines and black five-spoke alloy wheels on the side windows.

Cosmetic features aside, the car has not received any mechanical upgrades. This means it should be stocked with a normally aspirated 3.5-liter V6 that produces up to 306 hp (228 kW / 310 PS) per day in facelifted Nismo variants. While it doesn’t match the new model’s twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6’s 400 hp (298 kW / 405 PS), the old horse is strong enough.

So what do you think about Fairley Jade camouflage? Will you do this with your 350Z or will you keep the stock body panel? As a final note, we need to realize how old the original 350Z is for a model launched twenty years ago.

Image courtesy of skp_diorama

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