The rare 1971 Boss 351 Mustang has been found hidden in a barn for 46 years

A rare Mustang has been found in a granary after sitting for 46 years and is a model that not many people recognize.

Boss 351 was only available for 1971 and was slotted under Boss 429. As the name implies, it has a 351 cubic inch V8 engine, coupled with a 4-speed manual transmission that transmits about 330 horsepower and 370 pound-feet. Rear wheel torque.

The Boss distinguishes itself from the standard Mustang by featuring a high-nodular iron casting crankshaft, a high-flowing head taken from the previous Boss 302, and an Autolite 4300-D carburetor specially designed for the model. The pistons were upgraded to a forged aluminum unit, and the block has a four-bolt main bearing cap instead of the usual two.

In addition to the engine upgrade, the Mustang also received power front disc brakes and a competitive suspension package. Manual steering was the only available option you would need to be a true boss to wrestle this muscle car, but the fold-down rear seat and rear window defroster made it a bit more comfortable.

Only 1,806 examples of Boss 351 have been created, slightly more than Boss 429.

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According to a video from an auto archaeologist, the special boss was purchased by 351 new owners but has been in a barn since 1976. The first owner originally ordered the car in red, but it was clearly yellow when it was delivered. Since he was color blind, that’s when his wife told him it was yellow.

To try and get some better gas mileage, the owner tried to install a two-barrel carb in the engine in place of the four-barrel unit, but the project was abandoned half way and the car was pushed into a barn. .

The condition is remarkably good but the animal droppings need to be cleaned and removed a lot before it can be rotated. With only 46,175 miles (74,311 km) on the odometer, it is likely that the engine is still in good condition if nothing rises below the cylinder and dies as a result of open eating.

Boss 351 is now moving to a new owner who will hopefully get the car back on track.

Lead Screenshot Auto Archaeologist / YouTube

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