The Spanish mechanic has won a lawsuit against Tesla for selling him a faulty Model 3

Angel Gaitan has created a legal history in Spain by winning a lawsuit against Tesla over a Model 3 that was sold with errors. Now, the American company has to compensate him for almost the full price of his Model 3.

Gaitan is a Madrid mechanic and self-described Tesla fan who has owned the company’s car since 2013. So he was excited to buy a new Model 3 in 2020. After it arrived, though, he was disappointed with its production quality. Vehicles

In an interview with El Periodico de Espaa, he said he was willing to take on some quality issues in the early days when the company was young and produced in small numbers. Now that it is a mass-produced brand, though, he finds the variety and severity of defects in its vehicles unacceptable.

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He found the most serious defect in the car was a welding point that became detached. He also found problems with the interior panels, his Model 3 came with an inconsistent hood and wearing a windshield wiper.

“The car came with badly molded bodywork. They told me it was a stupid problem and to get rid of it. I had the option to return it via the internet in a fortnight, but he had more time in his workshop and I missed the deadline. They gave me the option to cast it and I told them I would not allow it in a new car, “he told El Periodico de Espaa.” Without further ado, I decided to condemn. “

Gaitan decided to take the company to court and through his popular YouTube and Instagram channels he expressed his concerns about the company.

“I told them: since you will not give me a solution, I will reveal it. And they laughed at me, “he said. “They are above good and evil. Elon Musk is the richest man in the world and Spain is a country he doesn’t care about. “

Although the company has not publicly commented on the issue or lawsuit, it has claimed in court that Gaitan’s allegations are not valid, arguing that the Model 3 is not a high-end car. The trial judge, however, did not persuade him.

“Although experts insist that the acclaimed defects do not compromise the structural integrity or safety of the vehicle, it does prove that the vehicle does not meet the expected quality standards of a prestigious brand like Tesla,” the court wrote in its ruling.

In fact, the judge found that Tesla owed Spain Gaitan € 62,330 (বিনি 64,984 USD at current exchange rates), which is the maximum value of the car. Unfortunately for the mechanic, the lawsuit may not be settled because the automaker now has the opportunity to appeal the decision, which seems intent on doing so.

El Periodico reports that there is no such case in Spanish legal history. A Chinese owner has won a similar lawsuit, though, and a couple in Chicago tried to do the same but were prevented from doing so by an arbitration clause in their contract. Now, though, Gaitan says he has received lots of messages from Tesla customers who have had problems with their cars.

“Every week customers from all over Spain bring welding problems, multiple finishing errors, battery breakage,” he said. “I report the problem and guide you on how to start a complaint. Some failures are serious and very expensive to repair. “

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