The Tesla driver claimed he had to get out of the Model Y, which exploded

A Tesla driver in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada had a frightening experience at a traffic light when his Model Y caught fire, trapping him inside.

The driver, identified as Jamil Jutha by, was fortunately able to pull it out of the electric crossover unharmed, but the fire department was working to extinguish the blaze, which resulted in a long flame from the crossover.

In a video uploaded by the Sons of Vancouver Distillery in the block where the incident took place, Jutha was heard describing his ordeal.

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“I literally just pulled up to the stop, left my mark, and then suddenly said ‘Error! Error! ‘ And then all of a sudden I see myself smoking and I’m like oh my god, what a f # @ k! ” Jutha said. “I couldn’t even open it, everything was electric, so everything was closed. The door couldn’t open, I couldn’t get out the window, so I just said, ‘OK, I’m going to kick it.’

Other Tesla drivers in similar situations have described the feeling of being stuck in their car due to a power outage. In fact, when Tesla fails to get power, the door opening button can also stop working, so this is a good opportunity to remind people that Tesla brings a mechanical door release that is somewhat hidden in front of the window controls in Model 3. .

Fortunately for Jutha, he was able to get out of the vehicle even though the latch was not clear enough for his use, although it would be difficult for him to get out of the car if he got into a collision. Even more fortunately, the car had no one but a set of golf clubs with which the driver seemed to be particularly attached.

All in all, it took firefighters about five minutes to put out the fire on this 2021 Model Y, which the owner claims has been driving for only six months. We can only hope that the insurance covers both the car and the club.

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