This crazy Malaysian engine swap is both amazing and annoying at the same time

Just when we thought we would see everything, a Malaysian tuning shop where JDM vehicles have a taste of some of the engine replacements that can make some happy but others annoying.

Malaysia’s Young Lee is not shy about mixing and matching auto brands, Toyota engines find themselves in everything from Nissan to BMW. Nothing is sacred, and everything is on the table.

The tuner seems to have a relationship with the 2JZ engine and we can’t really blame them. The 2JZ was available in a variety of vehicles other than the Supras, and although prices continue to rise, it offers excellent leggings for your money.

2JZ Malaysia should be like small block Chevy or something. We can count 13 cars on Yung Lee’s YouTube channel that have been converted into stores to drive, including a Toyota Hilux 4 × 4, a Ford Transit Van, and one that is bound to be an aneurysm for Nissan fans: an R34 Skyline. Don’t worry, the RB25DET came out of the skyline and found a house in one of the other cars in the store.

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But not only the Toyota engines that have been swapped where they shouldn’t be included, the channel also has a number of Nissan SR20 swappings where only four cylinders will fit. One of our favorites should be a Yaris with a 2ZZ-GE engine, which was taken from a Celica.

Fans of the Mazda rotary engine should look better, as multiple RX-8s lose their rotating Dorito to V8s, 1JZs, SR20s, or something that is physically unable to blow a top seal.

One of their latest projects is a Nissan Cefiro A31 with R32 skyline body panel powered by a turbocharged 2JZ. If this is not enough to annoy every puritan, then we do not know what.

The store seems to be working pretty clean, because you probably never say the vehicle’s engine has changed. There is something special about opening the hood of the BMW to see the Toyota engine, especially considering how much the fans were annoyed about the B58 powerplant of the new MK5 Supra from the German brand.

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